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Single database

RIEL Credential's centralized database is a robust repository that can accommodate, maintain and track provider data in compliance with industry standards as well as track many important non-regulatory data elements. The unique design of RIEL Credentials software allows your organization to consolidate contracting, credentialing and provider information management activities into a “Single Source of Truth” provider data management system.


Maintaining reliable provider information can be labor intensive. But with RIEL Credentials, you can streamline data management processes and maximize productivity while enhancing communication with internal and external sources. Trust in the industry’s leading credentialing software to help you maintain a flawless database that your organization will consider its go-to, primary source for information. Capitalize your management of credentialing and recredentialing activities allowing users to manage the credentialing assignments by inputting the contact details for the specific payers, various ongoing time stamped remarks, creation date as well as follow up date for a more streamlined tracking process of the enrollment.


Reminders on various credentialing documents allow the user to be notified in advance on which documents are due to expire and need attention. The auto reminder is set by the user and then emailed to the designated email address on file as set by the administrator. This tool is very helpful for expiry management and helps to avoid common oversight errors.


The document management tool allows seamless cloud-based document uploads and management. No more looking for files. RIEL Credentials lets you upload and store all your licenses and documentation securely

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The dashboard allows an overview of the various credentialing tasks that are currently in activity for the providers.

The task management option allows creating and assigning tasks to users for proper management. Users can input the subject, description, due date and the specific assignee to the task.


  • Makes easy audit process to verify whether the required documentation is on file to setting risk-mitigation for all operational processes involved in making sure providers are qualified to give care.
  • Never open spreadsheet to find what’s expired. Expiration Reminder will contact the right people and notify them about an upcoming renewal keeping in one place.
  • Centralize all information and documents of your clinical and non-clinical staff in one single database, accessible from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • RIEL Credentials solution built to help your organization streamline provider credentialing processes and report more effectively across programs.
  • Improve reporting accuracy and efficiency by producing reports directly from the system.
  • Automate repetitive tasks and organize specific actions to effectively manage standardized processes and ensure timely follow-up.
  • Empower your entire team, perfect to integrate and connect with Human Resources Department to improvement communication and share information required to hire and health plan (payor) enrollment.
  • Securely manage and store your providers’ documents, credentials and license information.
  • You can track of both individuals and organizations subject to credentialing, licensing, and/or privileging requirements. Key dates for renewal, expiration and review are stored, with the capability to set automatic reminders.
  • A comprehensive approach to efficient provider credentialing management. Improve provider data quality; enhance network strategies.
  • We help you manage process. You will find it easier to initiate and track credentialing and recruitment processes and meet compliance requirements on time.
  • RIEL Crendetials provide a single view of all essential information of a healthcare provider, allowing for improved payer enrollment accuracy and automation. Integration with existing processes and systems helps to lower administrative costs.
  • Optimizing your credentialing process with RIEL reduces lost revenue by allowing your organization to move faster.
  • RIEL Credentials offer a simple way to manage provider data, credentials and compliance across your organization. You can maintain and track licensure, certificate and liability expiration date. Track credentialing procedural turnaround times and staff productivity in charge and include reporting capabilities.

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